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Sunday 22nd October 2017


Pawse is a secluded dog boarding center located amidst suburban greenery of Yelahanka. Our quarter acre facility includes large kennels with runs designed as per international kennel standards, huge outdoor and indoor play area, socializing space for dogs and their parents and a grooming unit.

Give your dog a break while you are busy at work, going on vacation or just too many guests at home. Pause at Pawse to know for sure that your loved one is having a good time at a clean, safe and healthy holiday home.

Pawse’s kennels are large and very well ventilated with runs as per international standards. They are designed to allow your dog to have “my time” and say “hello” to their neighbour from their runs when bored. Pet dogs get stressed when constantly exposed to other dogs forcing themselves to establish a pecking order which more often than not will land up in a brawl. Also, not known to many, dogs do not like being held close or excessively patted by strangers. Our structure and practices reduce stress on the dog keeping him/her calm and happy during the stay.


It is a Home away from Home for pets. We are sure that our pet will be taken care so no unwanted worries during travel. We are connected by whatsapp and get periodical updates about the well-being of the pet . Should try and realise the care. We are happy about their services. Thanks for the team.
August 14, 2016
A good place to leave your pet. The management is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They have lot of area which is airy to keep their guests. The cages are clean and pets are taken care well. Our pet Snowy loved here stay here on two occasions! They have pet grooming facilities too, which we have not tried yet.
Sajoo Bhaskaran
July 02, 2016
The staff is courteous & caring and one feels assured that one's pet is safe , comfortable & secure.
March 30, 2016
My boy, Simba, was well taken care off and I was at ease while leaving him at Pawse for 5 days. Infact, he really seemed to bond with the care-takers there... He also loved the rope and tug-toys and I bought a couple of those as a coming-back-home gift too!
Abhishek Desai
March 18, 2016
Danny our 9 month old Germa Shepherd puppy had a great time at pawse..........the facilities provived are the best by far in Bangalore.......almost too good to be true. wishing G and Y along with their team all the very best.
Jayeeta Chakravorty
March 17, 2016
The kennels are spacious and my dogs seemed well settled when we left them there. The dogs are treated well and the place is maintained clean. There is also a ground for dogs to take a walk. They are not kept under leash so they are free. That is the best part about this place. There is also a vet in the facility.
Kavya Sarangan
November 02, 2015
- Spacious Kennels which could accommodate up to 50 dogs. - Ad mist Natural Greenery - Dog Loving Management - Availability of their own Vet - Adequate Staff Loving their JobThe above facts made me to feel safe to leave my Pet under their care for a week forgetting all my Worries when I had to be out of town recently.
Prasad BSK
October 01, 2015